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Vahy Balanced Encounter Set - Dawn

Vahy Balanced Encounter Set - Dawn

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Natural Perfume Spray |  2ml x 6 scents 

The sample set contains 2ml spray atomisers of six 100% natural scents.Our range of natural fragrances are perfect for layering and gifting. Explore our selection of unique scents and find your signature scent today. All of our natural fragrances are unisex and Australian made. 


Included is atomisers of the following natural perfumes:

Ember Haze Amber | Vanilla | Woods

Neon Neroli Orange Flower | Neroli | Bergamot

Luna Bergamot | Ylang Ylang | Patchouli

Isle of Blanc Marine | Citrus | Salt

Tarkine Woods | Vanilla | Spice 

Midnight Ruze Rose | Pepper

Váhy scents are au naturel so please give them time after application to develop their unique and delicious scent. Use like a normal human being would: topical only. Use on clean, dry skin that is well moisturised for extra staying power. Gently spray on pulse points and avoid rubbing wrists together.

Store away from direct sunlight and heat to protect the precious Ingredients.

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